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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  March 8, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PST

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closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc daylight shows the destruction at a berkeley apartment building. the fire broke out overnight and burned for hours the building is a few blocks south of the uc berkeley campus. good morning i'm cheryl jennings. and i'm kristen sze. terry mcsweeney joins us with the latest. >> reporter: firefighters finally wrapping things up. ready to go home after a long battle with a very stubborn fire. at least 50 people remain
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evacuated from five buildings. the main concern is the most damaged building could come down. this is what is left of the back of a lee-story apartment building after it burned more than -- a three-story apartment building after it more than three hours. >> we are waiting for the arrival of a construction -- a structure engineer. >> reporter: this is why the build something in danger of collapsing. berkeley fire got the call 4:15 this morning. when crews arrived flames were at work on all three floors. there was concern the fire would spread, people in several buildings were evacuated. uc berkeley sophomore john is one. >> hear sirens, people, looking at smoke coming out of the house next door. it was pretty freaky. the building is close us to. >> reporter: also evacuated adnan who took sensational
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video. he heard a crackling sound that kept getting louder. >> i pulled my curtain and saw everything was almost yellow. died now it is time to get out. >> reporter: he says the fire burned for half an hour before the fire department arrived. the deputy chief says he has not checked the response time. there is another explanation as to why in fire did so much damage. >> building is older with no fire stops. which means if a fire starts in the basement it can run to the attic in seconds. >> reporter: the red cross is out here ready to offer help to anybody who has been evacuated. especially those who tone have any place to go back to. as of right knew those folks have scattered and the red cross does not know where they are. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. some occupy protesters who have been ordered to stay away interest certain parts of oakland are fighting that court order today.
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amy hollyfield joins us in oakland. >> reporter: good morning. these protesters today are signaling they are in it to win it. they are ready to do what it takes to fight these stay away orders. activists gathered outside the courthouse today at a rally to hold a press conference and explain the legal action they did today, they filed a habeas petition. it was issued against 12 demonstrators by a judge last month. they have to stay 300 yards from frank ogawa plaza in oakland that's where many of these protests have taken place. the district attorney says she doing this to protect the city. attorneys for the protesters say they feel like this violates first amendment rights. some activists think it strengthens their cause. >> it makes me laugh, a little. it makes me -- like i said it gives me more drive. i must be doing something right if they feel the need
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single me out. >> these are blatantly unconstitutional. there is no justification for what they are doing. it is only a matter of time before some judge has the -- is you know, has the strength to overturn them and follow the law. >> reporter: when we asked for a comment from the d.a. we were directed to an op-ed piece that appeared in the chronicle: "california courts have long upheld stay away words. they serve vital community need keep the peace avoid further criminal conduct and maintain safety in public spaces. the decision to seek stay away orders are not entered into lightly." the occupy protesters tell us they will be doing more action they are not going away expect to see more of them, including a march on city hall they've been gathered here talking future plans. they say they just feel more motivated by these stay away
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orders. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. solano community college trustees voted to make painful chases. the worth -- choices. the board agreed to cut the football and aquatics program and the summer session has been eliminated after a nearly five million dollar deficit. during a packed meeting last night students and community members urged the solano college board to reconsider. >> me coming from a family that wasn't wealthy couldn't pay for college and because i didn't do well act department lickally i was able to come -- academically i was able to come to solano and get drafted by the eagles. >> the superintendent did say the board may reconsider if enough private money was raised. more cuts are needed. now trustees are considering
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slashing the childcare center and potentially eliminating the campus police department and replace iting with a private security company. -- >> the veterans administration admitting that dozens of gravestones and markers may be missing. more than 100 headstones marked the wrong graves. 21 markers had disappeared. most mistakes took place at the san francisco national cemetery and golden gate national cemetery when headstones were removed and put back in the wrong place. a grey whale spotted yesterday in san francisco bay is making another appearance this morning. katie marzullo is live where whale-watchers have been gathering. >> reporter: you could not ask for a more gorgeous day to whale-watch. we've seen our fair share of
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people trickling by hoping to catch a glimpse. they did not see anything compared to what sky 7-hd caught. the grey whale out there in the bay making big breaches just frolicking and seeming like it is enjoying itself. it is the shipping channel near alcatraz. we were able to catch a few glimpses from the shore. you could see some spray from the blow hole if you were lucky enough. we tacked with hopeful whale-watchers one just -- one just flew into the city today visiting from out of the country. everyone wanted to get a look at this whale but it wasn't to be for everyone as it is quite the elusive creature. >> our friends picked up us from the airport they told us there was a wail in the bay. having been to is -- there was a whale in the bay. having been to san francisco many times i did not believe them. >> i've never seen a whale in
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the wild. the only time i've seen a whale was a killer whale at the aquarium. i would love to see one especially this close to home. >> reporter: based on our reconnaissance from yesterday we believe it to be a male, full grown, maybe adolescent migrating to the arctic to feed. experts say up to 30 times a year a stray migrating whale ends up here in the bay. all of the people we talked to were excited saying this would be the first time i've seen a wail in nature. you are best to stay onshore and check it out. if you go out on a boat the law is you have to stay at least 300 feet away from the whale. katie marzullo, abc7 news. the solar storm that hit earth last night and today was not as strong as predicted. national oceanic scientists say the storm turned out to be
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minor they gave it a grade of g-1 where g-5 is the highest. as late as yesterday they predicted the storm would be the largest to reach earth in five years capable of tripping the power grid disrupting gps and dabbling satellites. nothing close to that -- nothing close to that happened, fortunately. why apple is being awe accused of price fixing. soccer mom accused of making millions as a madame. what the government says needs to be done to keep
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a new york state soccer mom is in jail accused of running a prostitution ring. she is charged with running a high end brothel in manhattan's upper westside. investigators say her operation included morgan stanley banker who handled the money and a new york city police sergeant who kept tabs on the authorities. some living near the suspected brothel had suspicions. >> very well dressed gentlemen. women of european background it looked like that's the way they appeared to me. >> police say at accused madame used all cash transactions and a sliding scale ranging from $1,000 an hour to $25,000 for a weekend. her defenders say she is a soccer mom with four kids who loves animals. she is being held on two million dollars bail. apple getting a warning from the justice department.
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according to bloomberg the government plans to sue the cupertino-based tech giant and five of the biggest u.s. publishers for fixing prices on electronic books. eight s apple and the publishers of working to the change the model under which e books were priced when the first ipad was released. some of the companies in talks to reach a settlement no comment from apple. hundreds of thousands trying to preorder the new ipad are running into problems. appear -- apple told customers they could begin ordering immediately. within minutes the site crashed because of the number of customers going online. the problem continued all day leading to thousands of complaints on facebook and twitter. the site appears to be back up now. the new ipad hits stores next friday starting price $499. airfares are likely to
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stay high throughout this decade. travelers are not going to get much relief unless airlines start getting more competition. faa says u.s. travel is expected to nearly double over the next 20 years. airline capacity is going to shrink. it predicts more mergers will decrease the number of cities6pr served and flights available across the nation. katie was talking a nice day for whale-watching. >> winds unusual you can see how calm the bay is. cooling trend for weekend and the rain is on the way >> also, the duchess of cambridge helps her majesty kickoff her british diamond jubilee tour in style. >> one of america's most popular sodas is changing its key ingredient as it was identified as being linked to cancer.
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more work needs to be done to keep young americans from using tobacco, including creating smoking bans and increasing taxes on products. that's the word from the u.s. surgeon general. the report says it is important to stop young people from using tobacco because those who start as teen increase chances of long term addiction. they can quickly develop reduced lung function, early heart disease and other health problems. more than 80% began by age 18. coca-cola announced it will alter the carmel color used in its sodas dropping the additive known as 4 mi added to the list of cancer causing carcinogens after studies on animals. no adverse affects have been found in humans. dropping the ingredient allows coke having to avoid putting a cancer-warning label on its
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sodas. the company says the coloring recipe has always been safe. we are going to enjoy this gorgeous weather. >> warming trend. >> today and tomorrow the warmest days in the forecast then back to cooler weather over the weekend. we have an active pattern next week. it looks nice towards alcatraz, all that area is just awash in sunshine and clean air today. let's take a look at some of the hills rolling around the marin head ted lands and san francisco in the distance a -- a little hazy no spare to air today. 60s east bay fremont mountain view, santa rosa valley los gatos everybody else in the 50s san rafael right now 51°. monterey bay santa cruz and gilroy mid to upper 50s already low to mid 60s around money raeurbgs watsonville and salinas -- that's what happens when we have a fairly stagnant
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air mass we don't have that cool breeze off the ocean. warmest afternoons today and tomorrow then clear and cool tonight possibly seeing the northern lights remote chance getting this far south you never know we'll have a cooler weekend and that rain next week. first today, yesterday we got back to average from being cooler than average with all those winds. today we are above average we are going to be two degrees warmer san jose 69. san francisco four degrees warmer livermore napa five oakland seven degrees warmer than average. sunsets 6:11. antioch, napa, santa rosa, cloverdale ukiah low 70s. 70s dominates most of the monterey bay and inland exception monterey in the 60s. very warm with a lot of sun upper 60s through the central valley 50 tahoe 72 big sur mid
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to upper 70s around l.a. and palm springs. a few 30s inland especially north bay valleys towards livermore everybody else in the low to mid 40s until you get to san francisco at 48. three areas of high pressure dominating. you can see it pushing the next storm to the north as we have this strong ridge that will hold our weather stable today and tomorrow. we'll be two to three degrees warmer tomorrow away from the coast just about everybody in the low to mid 70s cold front extra clouds saturday temperatures drop six to eight degrees another six to eight degrees monday, monday and tuesday the best chances for measurable rain before thursday. thursday maybe be better. next week very active. enjoy the sun and warm weather now. today is international women's day. a day to pay tribute to the
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achievements of women and examine the issues that hold us back. the these images are from the international museum of women in san francisco feature ago online multi-media exhibit aimed at improving the maternal health of women around the world. >> many people aren't aware that a woman dies every 90 seconds somewhere around the globe of preventable consequences, pregnancy or childbirth. >> this morning in washington, d.c., two of our nation's leading women helped honor the world's most prominent female activists. first lady obama and secretary of state clinton presented the awards that recognize women around the globe who work for women's rights and empowerment, many times risking their own lives. this year awards went to 10 women. queen elizabeth set off on her diamond jubilee tour with a special companion her grand
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daughter-in-law kate. the two with prince philip caused quite a stir at a long done train station where hundreds showed up as they kicked off their first day of events. -- one of the first train stops they watched a fashion show. the queen is celebrating 60 years of her reign. so cool, traveling with grand mark the queen. just ahead, a look at what is going on
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today at 3:00, foods to make you feel younger. then at 4:00, when
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prescription drug coupons are not worth it. michael finney has&s'w advice on how to save on medicine. at 5, child car seat maker promising to take toxic chemicals out of their products. finally, enjoy the first women's jazz festival and take a trip to margaritaville. >> don sanchez has that and more in what's hot. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: you're in margaritaville tonight at hp pavillion with jimmy buffett. world premiere of white frog opens tonight. 10 days of important films in bay area theaters. lincoln and booth new opera reliving the historic moment in civil wartimes 150 years later at dominican university. join cheryl jennings and me for the 25th denim to diamonds
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to benefit ronald mcdonald house for families saturday night in the history museum. women's big band join by rising stars for the first women's jazz festival at the jazz school in berkeley. the youngest rock band in america the 11-year-olds -- [ inaudible ] don sanchez, abc7 news. mike nicco is going to be joining us for that date. >> you look great then and here! >> thanks for joining us. >> keep track of the latest breaking news on twitter and talk about it at
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